WINTEC attends Autocom Exhibition in Brazil

The 2018 Autocom Exhibition is going to be held from April 3rd to April 5th in the Sao Paulo, which gathers together the most professional POS manufacturer around the world. At the show, traditional POS, printer,scanner, Self Checkout and KIOSK manufacturers are all showing their best solutions. Brazil, famous for its football, earns the name “Kingdom of football”. It is home to over 200 million people,the market demand is large,and also the POS and related products manufacturer are eager to enter into Brazil who is the most dymamic developing country in South America.

We know better about the Brazil market. the first story begins 5 years ago.And this year we show together with our local partner for the exhibition. Over the past 5 years, Wintec has been designning POS  terminals and advancing with the times. In recent years, we expand our portfolio to include POS, ScalePos and Self Checkout equipments. WINTEC takes the lead in the POS field and never fails our expectation.

WINTEC impresses the Autocom Exhibition with its IDT, Anypos and SCO terminals. Software companies and master dealers locally spokely highly of our products. The assistance of local partner inspires  us and help us to be “Brazilian Style”.

WINTEC is always waiting for your visiting.