Cinema Solution

Escape. Adventure. A sense of wonder. That is the feelings you want customers to get, even more. And to make sure they really feel that way, the transactions that lead them to their seat have to happen almost effortlessly.

With Wintecs help, everything will go exactly as it is. So while your customers enjoy the show, you can keep track of business--even when you're outside of it.


Game & Lottery Solution

Functionality. Flexibility. Serviceability. User-friendliness. That is the key point to optimize the sales and operational efficiency of gaming and lotteries. While Fun. Excitement. Passion. That is what kind of feelings your customers expect. Wintec does cater your need, whose innovation and reliability will definitely simplify your operations while boost your revenue to the maximum extent.


More and more companies reply on Wintec. Smoother operations, easier on-the-go management and happier customers. This simple experience is what Wintec wants to share with everyone.

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