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The 23rd China Retail Industry Expo (2023CHINASHOP), sponsored by China Chain Store Association, was hotly held in Chongqing from April 19-21.

It is reported that the exhibition has recreated the scale of 100000㎡, with 900+ exhibitors, 3000+ industry guests and 80,000+ visitors reunited here.


It has been a long time since we have seen such a lively scene, there were a lot of visitors inquiring about cooperation and products, and some customers even lamented to their partners that there are so many high-end products from WINTEC.


Our WINTEC have made sufficient preparations for this booth, and each area has remarkable highlight products, so that the customers have a more intuitive and concrete new cognition and feeling.

WINTEC invited many famous software solution providers and Internet enterprises to exchange solutions and cooperated with more than ten enterprises such as Alipay, Intel, Heading, KM tech, Mia, Lemon, FTrend, Enjoy IT, DMALL, and Mario to exhibit the freshest and most practical retail digital solutions, presenting more excitement for the audience, creating more business opportunities for enterprises and continuously empowering the industry development.


Recently we always mention AI and study AI, WINTEC has already studied deeply for the AI application in the retail field, from the first launch of AI recognition solutions for supermarket, bakery, catering, and fresh food scenes in 19 years, to the AI product matrix for more scenes such as supermarket, bakery, catering, fresh food, convenience, and casual food.

WINTEC brought a new smart scale conference on 20th, April, which introduced in depth the AI product applications of WINTEC.